Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Form the research gained from how Lik presents his work I followed his idea, (as this gallery will be designed for his works.) which lead to the idea of filtration. Filtration can be stated as a method of taking only what’s good and leaving what’s bad, using only what you need to perform the function you want.

From this I designed each space within this gallery by filtering the type of light I need and only that type for the room it’s indented for.

Case Study
Kimbell art museum by louis kahn, used curved roofs inorder to rebound the light from the roof to form a controlled lighting which presented art works in the most present way possible.

From this I adopted an experimented the idea of rebounding light in a way that it filtered the light to achieve the type of lighting which is needed for each specific room.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Assignment 3

Plan & Section Poché
Overall PhotosSite AnalysisEntrance
By providing a long entrance it filtered out unnecessary noise, which allowed this gallery to achieve peace and quiet. As galleries should have this quality within them.
Once past the entrance two options are given, this is made clear by the use of sunlight seen through the gap left from the staircase.
Sculpture Gallery
The roof form of this gallery, not only allows various focused sunlight to allow the 3D models held within this room to show the composition, but also allows different height sculptures to be placed within this room.
Photo Gallery
With a small gap allowing sunlight to protrude through this room, it gains a focused lighting which provides indirect light with no glare, perfect for the viewing of photographs.
Painting Gallery
From the sunlight gained from the 1st floor, the sunlight bounces form one plank to another providing light through the gaps between. Lights this room in a way which provides a unified lighting perfect for paintings as it provides diffused light and avoidance of direct/focussed light.Residential Lighting
For the residential rooms the roof's are designed in a way that provides lighting to mirror how light globes provide light, which is in an ambient way.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Rooms by the Sea
1951 (140 Kb); Oil on canvas, 29 x 40 inches; Yale University Art Gallery, New Haven, Connecticut

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Narrative: A gallery to escape from reality, through extreme beauty in scenery.

This gallery located on a cliff at Bondi, provides four different scenery beach, city (day &night), stars and overhanging from the cliff. Aiming to heighten the experience upon its viewers, through viewing these sceneries the viewer feels relaxed and thus escaping reality’s problems.

This building is designed in a symmetrical form as I wanted to convey the fact that even tho the moon and sun performs the same function they also provide different effects upon the world, in that sense I wanted the viewer to notice that just because the room may be the same, the direction it faces can alter the experience completely, thus providing the fact that there are always two ways of looking at things. Also the fact of making both rooms the same it disregards the fact that one scene is better because of the angle or direction they see it in, thus creating a none bias’s environment and helps the viewer concentrate on enjoying the scenery without any excess thoughts.

For the circulation flow, i aimed on providing as much freedom for the viewers as possible by allowing the viewers the choice as to where and what scenery to view. When entering the gallery the viewer is blind sighted as both sides and roof are completely sealed off preventing any views towards the outside until 8 meters into the gallery, the viewer is immediately presented with 3 directions to choose from, left, forward and right. Before the viewer decides which path to take each direction presents what’s intended beforehand, as the angle in which the pathways are faced also shows what type of view it faces. If the viewer has decided to go to either the beach or city scene, they can also choose whether to view these’s scenery indoor or outdoor, as this option presents itself once the viewer heads towards the scenery direction.

When viewing anyone of these’s scenery, I have aimed on heightening the experience when viewing it to its maximum potential. When viewing the beach or city scene indoor, the viewer is protected by a glass visard shielding the viewer from distractions such as the wind, noises, cold and mainly any elemental distractions. Thus the viewer can enjoy these scenery without any distractions. However I’ve also allowed an outdoor option, giving the option for the viewer to experience such scenery as it should be, i.e. with natures influence like feeling the breeze of winds, sounds of waves, and such things like feeling the sunlight.

If the viewer heads forward instead of left or right they will encounter two flights of stairs, where one leads to a landing allowing the viewer to view the stars the traditional way which is tilting the head up high to be able to view stars. As this will tire the neck after a while, i have also allowed the option of viewing the stars without tilting the head so high, as the next flight of stairs leads to a landing where the angle for viewing the stars is not so high. It was possible to providing two sets of angles as the shape of the roof allows this possibility.

As this gallery is located on a cliff, I used this to its advantage by providing a four view. This view is located at the very end of the gallery, where the long balcony that surrounds the exterior of the gallery acts as an overhang off the cliff, only for this particular view. Providing a view of everything and giving a feeling of flying as the floor for this particular part of the balcony is glass. Here the viewer will feel a complete feeling of freedom and thus escaping reality.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Thursday, April 2, 2009


From the Poché i tried to display the openness of this villa, by leaving the courtyards completely unshaded



For the top diagram i concentrated on the main walls which supported the weight of the roof, while the bottom shows the columns which supports the weigh of the shelters and the covers for the passageways.


This mainly shows the pathways one may take to move throughout the villa by the use of a section and plan.


For geometry i divided the villa in half with the use of a vertical line running across the villa, clearly showing a symmetrical geometry from one half to the next.


Here i have separated program into 3 parts while the top shows corridors, the middle showing courtyards and the 3rd one showing matrix. As all 3 are interconnected throughout the villa, where the corridor provides a tunnel running from the front side to the back, passing 3 courtyards located at the front, middle and back. For the matrix i concentrated on how the rooms interconnect with each other, basically showing the flow from one room to the next.


In the top diagram i tried to show the massing of this villa by the use of diagonal lines, that are shown within the thickened rectangular boxes. While the bottom diagram shows the main enclosure of this villa where the insides are shown by thicker lines highlighting walls, where the outsides are shown by the use of thin lines